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Each piece of stoneware is handcrafted and hand decorated by artisans, using small sea sponges to apply unique and beautiful stamping patterns. Decorations and patterns com in a wide variety of offerings. Traditional patterns are loved and appreciated for their strong and vibrant colors of cobalt blue, forest green, and reddish browns.

Black Polka-Dot | Blue Cats | Blue Iris | Blue Meadow | Blue Polka-Dot | Blue Roosters | Blue Tulips | Butterfly | Dahlia | Dill Flowers | Dragonfly | Blue & Green Flowers | Lattice | Lighthouse | Peacock | Purple & Gray Flowers | Sail Regatta | Sailboat | Seagulls | Simple Daisy | Spring Garden | Spring Valley | Tiny Flowers | Traditional Blue | Wavy Flowers | White Polka-Dot
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