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Our Polish Stoneware minis are hand-crafted, hand-decorated works of art!

Our miniatures are adorable for collecting and displaying. They're perfect in potted plants, outdoor fairy gardens, terrariums, dollhouses, crafts, as toys, gifts, or just to brighten up a desk or shelf!
Angel-Miniature in December Fun
Angel-Miniature in First Snow
Angel-Miniature in Holiday Bells
Angel-Miniature in Holiday Wreath
Bulldog-Miniature in Peacock
Bulldog-Miniature in White Polka-Dot
Cat Playing-Miniature in Blue Meadow
Cat Playing-Miniature in Dahlia
Cat Playing-Miniature in Ladybugs
Cat Playing-Miniature in Peacock
Lg Dog-Miniature in Blue Iris
Lg Dog-Miniature in Spring Valley
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Peacock
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Peacock Feathers
Baby Elephant-Miniature in Spring Garden
Baby Elephant-Miniature in White Polka-Dot
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Blue Tulips
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Peacock
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Peacock Feathers
Boy Elephant-Miniature in Spring Valley
Girl Elephant-Miniature in Christmas Bells
Girl Elephant-Miniature in Classic Holly
Girl Elephant-Miniature in Light & Dark Snowflake
Girl Elephant-Miniature in Snowflake
Sm Fish-Miniature in Blue Squares
Md Fish-Miniature in Green Eyes
Md Fish-Miniature in Blue Elegance
Md Fish-Miniature in Fish Bubbles
Md Fish-Miniature in Fish Eyes
Lg Fish-Miniature in Simple Elegance
Lg Fish-Miniature in Blue Elegance
Lg Fish-Miniature in Green Eyes
Lg Fish-Miniature in Squiggly
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Blue Iris
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Blue Tulips
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Ladybugs
Garden Lizard-Miniature in Peacock
Owl-Miniature in Peacock
Owl-Miniature in Peacock Feathers
Owl-Miniature in White Polka-Dot
Piggy Bank-Miniature in Blue Cats
Piggy Bank-Miniature in Blue Tulips
Piggy Bank-Miniature in Ladybugs
Piggy Bank-Miniature in Peacock
Lg Rabbit-Miniature in Peacock
Lg Rabbit-Miniature in White Polka-Dot
Snail-Miniature in Blue Tulips
Snail-Miniature in Dahlia
Snail-Miniature in Peacock Feathers
Snail-Miniature in Spring Garden
Tea Set-Miniature in Peacock
Tea Set-Miniature in White Polka-Dot
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