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Humanitarian Assistance for Ukraine

Dear Customer:

On behalf of my entire team, I sincerely express our solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We are heartbroken by the senseless devastation, lives lost, and all those Ukrainians who have been injured or displaced. We are outraged by the horrific crimes being committed. And we are absolutely in awe of the bravery of Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian military, and the millions of ordinary Ukrainian civilians who have stood up in the face of terror to defend their homes, their country, and their freedom.

Our connection to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is deeply personal.

Ukraine and Poland are like brother and sister, two neighboring countries with over 1000 years of interconnected history and ever-changing borders. My grandparents were born in the Volhynia region of Ukraine – a region in the northwest of modern Ukraine which was once part of Poland. Our story is a Polish story, but in many ways, it is a Ukrainian one, too.

Prior to the invasion, Poland was already home to the largest population of Ukrainians outside of their country. Many of these families were already residing in Bolesławiec and some even worked for Manufaktura, the factory that produces our beautiful stoneware. Many of our loyal customers have held stoneware crafted and painted by Ukrainian workers in their hands. Few of those same workers whose dedication, hard work, and passion is the inspiration for all that we do have returned to their home to fight. We salute them and honor their sacrifice.

As of April 8th, 4,441,663 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have fled the war that has engulfed their country, with 2,564,994 arriving to Poland and many more to follow in days, weeks, and months ahead.

Rather than feeling helpless, we decided to act. From March, 2022 through July, 2022 we donated 10% of Our Sales towards humanitarian assistance for displaced families in Poland. Additionally, we have added a “Donate to Ukraine” option at all our checkouts, and we encourage you to donate any amount that feels right to you. As of August 2022 we are matching 100% of customer donations up to $1,000 per donation and $10,000 total per month.

Along with my team, I thank you for listening and helping

Elle Łoś-Englander
President, Janelle Imports, LLC
Manufaktura USA



Below is a letter from the office of the President of the City of Bolesławiec, Piotr Roman. Please call 860-749-7906 or email info@janelleimports.com for bank transfer information.  

  (Click letter to enlarge)

We are so grateful that together with the generosity of our caring customers and friends, we have been able to make monthly wire transfers totaling $41,039.50 directly into the relief account created by the town of Bolesławiec in Poland. This reflects the amounts collected in the months of March, April, May, and June 2022.

Thank you for your support.

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