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Elle Englander, Janelle Imports

At Janelle Imports, our mission is to provide authentic, artistic Polish pottery to the American consumer at wholesale prices. We firmly believe the centuries-old tradition of handcrafted stoneware is critical to bringing you, the customer, the best quality. Our pottery is imported directly from the small town of Boleslawiec, Poland, where it is lovingly crafted by hand as it has been since 1000 AD.

Janelle Imports is especially connected to the tradition of artistically crafted Polish stoneware and to Boleslawiec, as it is the birthplace of Elle Englander, president and founder of Janelle Imports.

Elle and her family lived in Boleslawiec until she was 16 years old. Her parents worked for a combined 25 years at Boleslawiec largest and oldest stoneware factory. Elle’s father was a staunch opponent of the Communist regime that controlled Poland at the time. In December of 1982, as a result of intense pressure from the Communists, Elle’s family was forced to leave Poland. They found their new home in the United States of America, and initiated contact with family and friends still in Poland after the Communist regime collapsed in 1989.

Elle Englander  
President, Janelle Imports, LLC